14 July 2008

I propose a moratorium

I read on cnn.com today that President Bush is going to lift the executive ban on offshore drilling. I'm mixed about this. While I realize the idea might have some potential, I also realize that it's not going to have any impact for some time, as I don't think there are drilling rigs queuing up outside of the forbidden areas waiting to get in (like losers at an exclusive dance club). We'll see.
While he's lifting moratoriums, I think Bush should propose one: I think he should outlaw the use of the phrase "pain at the pump." It was lame three years ago, and now it just makes my skin crawl. OK, maybe it was clever for five minutes or so, but now, it's something that comes merely as an annoyance to an already annoying situation. I GET IT, major media outlets - you feel our pain. You get that the American public is upset with paying $4 for a gallon of gasoline. I've been able to determine this from the number of useless stories I've seen on TV news where gallant news crews will go out to local gas stations and interview people filling up their gas tanks. The typical complaint seems to be, "Yeah, it sucks, but what are we supposed to do?" Please, do us all a favor and stop. It's not like you're going to get any quotes worthy of the next King Lear doing these stories.
I think it's more likely that we'd be able to get a break from the phrase "pain at the pump" than we will from high gas prices this summer. Call your local congressperson today - tell them to say "no" to the phrase "pain at the pump." At this point in the game, it's merely sand in the Vaseline, and an insult to injury.
* p.s. - don't really call your congressperson, silly; I'm sure they have better things to do.

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